teacher's rant

Okay. Now im officially called as Cikgu Ulil by my students. Hearing to the name only can make me burst out laughing. "Cikgu Ulil, Cikgu Ulil" LOL its just funny listening to that line. OMG I just can't believe that I'm handling a responsibility as a teacher now. This has changed my routine from the tip of the hair to the toe. I've to wake up early at 5.30 am which i've never been this decent in my summer hols. Plus, being a teacher keeps my hand full all around the clock. The night before my tomorrow's class I've to prepare the lesson plan. Now the bell just rung, so ive to rush myself to Class 3A. LOL. been bussyyyyyy =D

Having troubles to connect your internet dongle HUAWEI E156G on your macbook? Here is the solution.

As you all may aware, some HUAWEI dongles are not compatible to the latest mac OS. I've been looking up on the internet on ways on how can I get my E156G dongle (on celcom) to work on my macbook pro and luckily I've found this easy peasy trick that takes you less than a minute to get it cracked. I think it's worth for me to share it here!

Firs thing first;

1. You might need a macbook and a dongle (I've only tried this trick on macbook pro with OS X version 10.6.4 with the HUAWEI E156G dongle)

2. Download this driver http://blog.evandavey.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/huawei-usb-modem-osx-drivers.zip

3. Unzip it and install the package called HuaweiDataCardDriver(2.6)-intel.pkg

4. When you plug your dongle in it should tell you that networking has added HUAWEI Mobile, DIAG & PCUI

5. Go to Networking in system preferences, click on the HUAWEI Mobile settings and do the following;

Configuration - select Add call it something like "celcom3g" Phone Number - *99# Account Name - guest Password - Guest show modem status in menu bar - ticked (makes it easier to connect)

6. Click on Advanced - select tab modem and choose the following;

Vendor - select Generic Model - select GPRS (GSM/3G) APN - celcominternet CID - mine is 4 but you may need to try different ones.

7. Click on PPP tab and again do the following;
only have the following ticked (up to you which really) Disconnect when user logs out Disconnect when switching user accounts Send PPP echo packets Use TCP header compression *all others should be unticked.

8. Click OK and click Apply on the original screen

9. Click connect to connect, you can also use the connect in the menu bar.

There you go. You should be able to get it working if u followed the steps correctly. Good luck people!

Coward, am I?

I hate to face the music after what have I done.
I don't really know what do I want in life.
Can I please be more objective?
Certain with aims and goals.
Not even a bit of doubt.
I just don't know.
What is wrong.
Do change?
I'll try.

One left after one.

A heartfelt condolence I would like to address to the family members of Wak Jaafar, my uncle who just left today for eternal journey hereafter. My uncle, Allah has called u to return to him and sooner will be my turn. May Jannatul Firdaus be yours as a reward of ur good deeds. Amin. With this Al-Fatihah for the loss.

Darn! Things keep on running out of my way!

I woke up today with hope that I can finish up my ethics essay a.s.a.p so i can proceed with some readings for coming exam. As I gearing up, my brain failed to heat up, resulted to a very long delay that indirectly led me caught up chatting with some old bunch. I did some chatting on purpose. Part of it to release tension. Then, I went out for a nice walk and got back home on my study table still with whirling head. Now, on the study table, still not working on my essay. Instead, do some blogging. Darn, things just don't go my way.