Pre-BTN survey

Hereby, I put up the writeup of the short survey that I've done to some KMBians on what BTN means to them.~ So, scroll it over dude!

1. Short talk with Mr. Biggie Fakhri

Mr. X -Hey dude! Look like u've packed ur stuff already huh!

Mr Biggie - Yeah! Kinda. But, I'm still pondering to bring over my Mimi Teddy or not. It's very maningful to me, it's in this size and bla2~(well, this guy is so known as chatterbox, no wonder he talks a lot!)

Mr. X - Shut the !@#$ up dude! Okay! Let's get things straight to the point. What's the first thing that comes across ur head about BTN thingy?

Mr Biggie - Oh well, for me (sounds bossy here) BTN is something unimaginable, colossal, skeptical, clinical, physiological, experimental, fundamental, detrimental training to be undergone by Malaysian Scholars before studying abroad. This is more like a nationalistic camp which aims to raise awareness among Malaysian Scholars and so to cultivate the loyalty quality towards Malaysia as one way on how to avoid Malaysian students from fleeing away giving services to other countries specifically europe and such. (He commented more, but I condense it up, since the comment was very2 cliche and very2 boring, hahahaha)

Mr. X - I think you can prolong ur talk to someone else Mr Biggie. Thank, anyway! (Dashing out asap, with full of curse)

2. Simply sweet chat with Qaiyyim

Mr. X - Hey handsome! Get up from my bed!

Qaiyyim - Kiss my ass first! Hahaa!

Mr. X - Yikes! You smelly ass! Whatever it is, I'm here to ask u about BTN.

Qaiyyim - Huh! What on earth is that??? It sounds yummy anyway. Okay. BTN is Butt Tickling Nanny.

Mr. X - That's simply brilliant Qaiyyim. Thank for the comment! (Jumping out from the 2nd floor with full of frustration)

3. The bestest response from Paan

Mr X - (knocking the door) Knock! Knock! Anybody?

Paan - Yeah, Paan in here. Who's out there? Come in.

Mr X - No thank. No biggie. Im here to ask you a couple of questions about BTN.

Paan - Oic. Sure, no problem.

Mr X - What's BTN for you?

Paan - Owww. BTN. Hmmmm. BTN is an abbreviation of Biro Tata Negara.

Mr X - Really. U are really a cool guy . Thank for the response! ( Finally, Mr X fled away happily ever after)

The morale here is to be straight to the point at the same time avoid flowery thingy. It doesn't
make you look cool, but in fact you complicate things up. Haha! Whatever. Here BTN camps, we come! =)

p/s - This survey doesn't have any connection to those who live or dead. No offence.